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GR1PS Collection was born from the Metropolis.

It aroses from the dusky atmosphere of glass-filtered lights and underground tunnels. From the state of constant flux, where the future feels inevitable. The Collection embodies the transitional, the speed of a new way of living that knows no limits. GR1PS Collection dares, seizing the tomorrow.

Stream lined. Minimalistic. Bold. GR1PS turns concepts into fabric.

Fearless outfits featuring ergonomic fittings, inflated volumes and tech materials. With a unique fashion inspiration: the kimono, and the heritage of combat sports. Designs created by blending influences, that forge a new, innovative style.

GR1PS Collection is for the Athlete of the Underground.

For the intrepid, who stands on the line of the horizon. Original and archetypal. GR1PS Collection is the signature style of the contemporary.

Sales Manager

Damiano Bonardi
tel: +39 0422-363616

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